IA Magazine – Feb 2021

Internal Auditor’s February 2021 Issue 


 24 | COVER Biden’s Impact on Business –  After a year of rapid business changes, internal auditors must help their organizations address the policies of the new president. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON

 31 | Making the Grade – In the midst of turmoil, governance receives marginally higher marks from CAEs in the 2020 American Corporate Governance Index. BY LAURESSA NELSON

 36 | Resilient, Ready, and Responsive – Drawing lessons from the pandemic, internal  auditors can help their organizations plan for the risk of future crises and volatility. BY NEIL HODGE

 42 | A Voice for the Profession – Richard Chambers reflects on internal audit’s current state and continuing evolution as his IIA leadership tenure comes to a close. BY ROBERT PÉREZ

 49 | How Do You Measure Internal Audit Value? – The subjective nature of value requires CAEs to implement a balanced set of measurements to determine how well it’s being delivered. BY PATTY MILLER AND LARRY RITTENBERG

54 Continuous Audits in Times of Crisis  – Automated scripts can provide baseline assurance when it’s needed the most.  BY YING-CHOONG LEE

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