Internal Auditor’s August 2019 Issue  F E A T U R ES  20 | COVER Security in the Cloud The growing use and increased complexity of cloud computing is creating new challenges for internal auditors. BY ARTHUR PIPER  27 | Stronger Assurance Through Machine Learning  By inferring from past examples, artifi cial intelligence tools can generate useful, real-world audit insights. BY YING-CHOONG LEE  32 | Wrangling the Internet of Things Connected devices are everywhere in businesses and expanding rapidly, so auditors will […]

Internal Auditor’s June 2019 Issue  F E A T U R ES  24 | COVER The Right Path With help from internal auditors, organizations can reap the performance benefits of ethical decision-making. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON   30 | In Line With Risk Implementing a risk management program can better align an organization’s risk profile.BY DORINA HAMZO  36 | Step Forward IIA’s 2019–2020 North American Board chair, BENITO YBARRA, says internal auditors can do more […]

Internal Auditor’s April 2019 Issue  f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER GDPR’s Global Reach Internal auditors around the world are starting to learn the impact of Europe’s data protection regulation on their organizations and their role in compliance. BY ARTHUR PIPER   31 | The Upside of Risk Internal auditors can provide greater value by also focusing on the positive. BY BASIL ORSINI  36 | Auditing the Smart City Increasingly sophisticated […]

Internal Auditor’s February 2019 Issue  f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER Trials and Transformation Ten years ago, amidst unprecedented economic upheaval, Richard Chambers became The IIA’s president and CEO. The internal audit profession has changed much since then, he says, and it will need to continue to evolve. BY ANNE MILLAGE   30 | Building the Audit Function A strategic, measured approach to setting up shop can produce lasting […]

Internal Auditor’s December 2018 Issue  f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER Small But Tech Savvy Audit functions with limited resources are maximizing stakeholder value by making the most of their technology. BY ARTHUR PIPER   31 | 6 Steps to Right-size Internal Audit With the right benchmarking measures, CAEs can effectively size their internal audit departments. BY STEPHEN SHELTON  36 | The Rise of Automation Emerging technologies such as AI present […]

Internal Auditor’s October 2018 Issue  f e a t u r e s  26 | COVER Emerging Leaders 2018 This year’s standout practitioners exude talent, approach their work with passion, and are driven toward continuous improvement. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON   41 | Ten Tips to Manage Your Career An active approach to career management can mean more opportunity and long-term success. BY RICHARD J. ANDERSON    46 | In Any Kind of Weather Through […]

Internal Auditor’s August 2018 Issue  f e a t u r e s  28 | COVER Held Hostage Victim organizations are paying a high price for ransomware attacks. BY ARTHUR PIPER  34 | Pulling Strings High-level hackers are using social engineering tactics to manipulate employees into giving up vital information. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON  41 | Internal Audit and the Blockchain There’s more to the blockchain than bitcoin, and auditors have much to learn about how it works. […]

Internal Auditor’s June 2018 Issue  f e a t u r e s  20 | COVER Into the Light #MeToo is shining a light on the harassment women have faced in the workplace for decades and have been afraid to report. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON  29 | Tailoring IPPF Implementation Maturity models can help internal audit departments of varying sizes scale their approach in applying the framework. BY URTON ANDERSON, ANDREW DAHLE, AND ALICE MARIANO […]

Internal Auditor’s April 2018 Issue  f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER Information Distillation Today’s audit reports need to boil away the unessential to quickly get to what’s important to stakeholders. BY NORMAN MARKS  31 | The Integrity Office Cleveland Clinic leverages the work of Internal Audit and Compliance under one umbrella. BY DONALD A. SINKO  36 | Risk Consumption Understanding the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance can deter organizations […]

“Tantangan berat dan sesungguhnya adalah untuk menjelaskan kepada Pimpinan mengenai implikasi disrupsi yang akan datang tersebut, sehingga organisasi dapat meresponnya.” Carolyn Saint, IIA–North America “Sebaiknya CAE yang tanggap harus dapat melihat peluang dan resiko yang dapat ditimbulkan oleh kekuatan disrupsi, dan membantu Direksi untuk memahami konsekuensi dari apapun pilihan strategis yang diambil untuk menyikapi kekuatan disrupsi tersebut.” Lesedi Lesetedi, African Federation of Institutes of Internal Auditors Download Edisi Bahasa Indonesia […]

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