Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall have unlimited access to invite any individual within the Board of Governors (BOG), BOG Committees, and Executive Office, to attend any of the Audit Committee meetings and to be provided information as needed by the Committee to support the effectiveness of Audit Committee oversight function in the areas of governance, financial reporting, internal controls, and compliance.

The Audit Committee have the authority to select, appoint, and remove external auditors and internal auditors.

All member of the Audit Committee, including the Chair are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration.


For the period 2021 – 2024,
the composition of the Audit Committee is as follows.

Drs. Jacobus Sindu Adisuwono, CIA
Chairman of the Board of Commissioner, BCA Finance
Drs. Setyanta Nugraha, MM
Inspectorate General, The House of Representatives of The Republic of Indonesia
Dr. Agustinus Nicholas Tobing, MA, IIAP, CIA, CRMA
Regulatory & Industry Security Engagement (RISE) – Security Assurance Country Leader, Amazon Web Services

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