IA Magazine – Apr 2021

Internal Auditor’s April 2021 Issue 


 28 | COVER  The Disruption Imperative – Internal auditors can work with stakeholders to nurture opportunities for disruption and manage the risks of falling behind. BY NEIL HODGE

 36 | Data Governance in Demand – Internal auditors have compelling reasons to help improve the enterprise data governance strategy. BY ANDREW STRUTHERS-KENNEDY AND GREGG WISHNA

 42 | Internal Audit Optimized – Embracing technology can expand the department’s capabilities, especially when working with limited resources. BY CHRISTINE JANESKO

 50 | Learning, Growth, and Inclusion – New IIA President and CEO Anthony Pugliese sees many opportunities for moving the profession forward and positioning The Institute for longterm success. BY LAURESSA NELSON

 57 | Illuminating the Black Experience in Internal Auditing – The stories of Black internal auditors shed light on the unique career challenges they face and the need for a more inclusive workplace. BY PHEBIAN L. DAVIS, DENISE DICKINS, AND JOSEPH REID

64 Control During a Pandemic  – Internal audit can help assess how changes made in response to COVID-19 have altered risks and impacted internal control. BY ISRAEL SADU

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