IA Magazine – Dec 2020

Internal Auditor’s December 2020 Issue 


 28 | COVER Perseverance in a Pandemic – Adapting to change and meeting extraordinary problems head-on have defined internal audit during COVID-19. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON

 35 | The Responsive Organization – Internal audit can help management adapt to the changing business environment. BY JONATHAN NGAH

 40 | Perspectives OnRisk – The OnRisk 2021 report introduces risk relevance as a factor in measuring alignment among boards, management, and CAEs. BY NEIL HODGE

 47 | Auditing Credit Risk in the Fintech Era – Financial technology provides unique challenges to internal auditors around data, fraud, platforms, and credit risk. BY MAOSEN CAI

 52 | The Internal Audit Game – Computer-based learning games are becoming an effective and interactive way to prepare auditors to perform winning audits. BY DOMINIK FOERSCHLER AND RAINER LENZ

 59 | Conducting Executive Risk Workshops – Internal audit can facilitate discussions among senior leadership to identify areas of concern and ensure priorities are aligned. BY JONATHON ANGELL

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