IA Magazine – Oct 2020

Internal Auditor’s October 2020 Issue 


 26 | COVER Emerging Leaders 2020 – This year’s honorees are redefining what it means to be tech savvy,  agile, and well-rounded in today’s profession. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON

 40 | Recruiting the Next Generation of Internal Auditors – Hiring managers and job candidates each bring different perspectives and needs to the employment interview. BY SETH PETERSON AND ALEX RUSATE

 47 | Mentorships That Work – Successful mentoring programs can improve communication and leadership skills and result in careerspanning relationships. BY CHRISTINE JANESKO

 54 | The Seducer’s Game – A new methodology illustrates the psychology behind modern-day frauds and offers internal auditors a tool to limit risks within their organizations. BY SANYA MORANG AND STEVE MORANG

 50 | 10 Questions About the New Three Lines Model – IIA Global Board Chair Jenitha John discusses The Institute’s journey to build a risk model for the 21st century. BY ROBERT PEREZ

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