Internal Auditor Magazine – Edisi August 2016


 f e a t u r e s

 28 | A World of Connections – The Internet of Things requires internal auditors to confront risks that are not so neatly contained. By Jane Seago

 34 | Cyber Resilience – Internal audit departments should work collaboratively and proactively to address breaches and build resistance to future attacks. By Arthur Piper

 40 | Business at Risk – Several keynote speakers from this year’s IIA International Conference identify emerging risks facing organizations. By Russell A. Jackson

 43 | Auditing the Cloud – Cnternal auditors should delve into the complexities and unique risks of moving into a cloud platform. By Jared Rittle, Jill Czerwinski, and Michele Sullivan

 49 | Trust but Verify – Control self-assessments can increase audit efficiency and spread control awareness throughout the organization. By Parikshith Acharya

 54 | Audit Never Sleeps – A Global Chairman of the Board Angela Witzany says internal audit’s ability to remain relevant hinges on ceaseless attention to the priorities of the organization it serves.

 61 | Optimizing Internal Audit – Anternal auditors are being continually challenged to improve their effectiveness to better meet growing expectations and workloads. By Jonathan Ngah

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