Internal Auditor Magazine – Edisi Juni 2016


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 28 | COVER Toxic Leaders, Toxic Culture – Internal auditors can identify unhealthy behaviors that may undermine the organization. By Jane Seago

 35 | Analytics and the Small Audit Department – No matter the size of an audit
function, analytics can be implemented for big gains. By Jared Soileau and Laura Soileau

 40 | Business at Risk – Several keynote speakers from this year’s IIA International Conference identify emerging risks facing organizations. By Russell A. Jackson

47 | An Anti-corruption Checkup – Capability maturity models can help organizations assess the effectiveness of anti-corruption programs. By Christopher Kelly and Frans Deklepper

52 | Craft Our Role – The 2016-2017 chairman of the North American Board, Robert Kuling, encourages internal auditors to create the role for themselves that is best for both the organization and their own personal development

 58 | Fraud and Relatedparty Transactions – Internal auditors can identify red flags and reduce the impact of related-party  raud. By By James A. Bailey

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