Internal Auditor Magazine – Edisi October 2016


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 28 | Taking the Lead on Nonfinancial Reporting – Internal audit is well-positioned to
examine how its organization reports on nonfinancial issues. By Arthur Piper

35 | Audit Processes Take Flight – The updated COSO Internal Control–Integrated Framework is at the heart of Boeing’s internal audit work. By Tim Boyle and Dennis Applegate

 42 | Privacy in the Workplace – Organizations must find ways to accommodate employees’ personal technology use while also meeting regulatory and other requirements. By Parthiv Sheth, Khalid Wasti, and A. Michael Smith

 49 | A Unified Approach to Compliance – Businesses benefit from a proactive partnership between internal audit and the compliance function. By Jane Seago

 54 | The Power of Rhetoric – Understanding the powers of persuasion and applying key rhetorical skills can improve the work of any internal auditor. By Murray D. Wolfe

 60 | The Red Flags of Fraud – Internal auditors’ knowledge of the business makes them ideal candidates to detect unethical behaviors. By Norbert Tschakert, Belverd Needles Jr., and Mark Holtzblatt

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