Internal Auditor Magazine – Edisi Juni 2018

Internal Auditor’s June 2018 Issue 

f e a t u r e s

 20 | COVER Into the Light #MeToo is shining a light on the harassment women have faced in the workplace for decades and have been afraid to report. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON

 29 | Tailoring IPPF Implementation Maturity models can help internal audit departments of varying sizes scale their approach in applying the framework. BY URTON ANDERSON, ANDREW DAHLE, AND ALICE MARIANO

 34 | Find Your Voice KAREN BRADY, 2018–2019 chairman of The IIA’s North American Board, wants internal auditors to communicate their value to ensure their ongoing relevance in a rapidly changing world.

 41 | Leading Toward Improvement Audit managers can point the way to enhanced, cost-effective professional development for the audit function. BY WADE CASSELS, KEVIN ALVERO, AND RANDY PIERSON

 46 | Beneath the Surface Auditing culture requires practitioners to delve deep into the organization’s core, beyond mere surface-level analysis. BY DOUGLAS J. ANDERSON

 51 | Auditing Analytic Models Internal auditors need to assess the analytics controls for the models their organizations rely on to support decision-making. BY ALLAN SAMMY


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