Global Connections Newsletter April 2020

IIA Bulletin — Pandemics: Considerations for Social Distancing
The latest IIA Bulletin outlines the general questions you should be asking to assess your organization’s telecommuting policies, procedures, and infrastructure, along with its health-related policies and procedures.
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COVID-19 Is No Black Swan — It’s in Technicolor
The consequences of COVID-19 are much greater than one could have imagined from a pandemic in the 21st century. This multifaceted, evolving, and insidious test of our good will, fortitude, and patience is not a black swan whose feathers are all the same color. This swan is in Technicolor.
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Be Pandemic Prepared
Adjust to our new normal with practical direction to prepare for potential pandemics, from the novel to the well-known. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks are real, and we’re ready. Review the latest guidance from health, human services, and disease control and prevention experts.
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Assess Your Privacy & Data Protection Preparedness
It’s time to better understand specific privacy and data protection risks and threats. Only then can relevant controls be developed, implemented, and operated effectively. The framework, audit plan, and implementation discussions will help internal audit departments build their own sound structures.
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Where Does Internal Audit Fit?
As the regulatory environment around data ethics evolves, all parties certainly must expand their knowledge of this risk. This brief explores organizational conduct and the potential associated reputational and financial damages for failure to establish proper data governance.
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The Responsible Organization
As investors focus on environmental, social, and governance reporting, there is opportunity for internal auditors to get involved and provide assurance.
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Just Released! Auditing Credit Risk Management: Art or Science?
Both. It’s a balancing act depending on unique situations and an abundance of regulations. New guidance will help auditors navigate the nuances and make the distinctions. Written for financial services auditors, but useful for all practitioners.
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