Internal Auditor Magazine – Edisi Oktober 2018

Internal Auditor’s October 2018 Issue 

f e a t u r e s

 26 | COVER Emerging Leaders 2018 This year’s standout practitioners exude talent, approach their work with passion, and are driven toward continuous improvement. BY RUSSELL A. JACKSON

  41 | Ten Tips to Manage Your Career An active approach to career management can mean more opportunity and long-term success. BY RICHARD J. ANDERSON


 46 | In Any Kind of Weather Through its assurance and advice, internal audit can help the organization apply the principles of COSO’s ERM framework. BY PAUL SOBEL

 51 | Agents of Improvement Internal audit can have a huge impact on enhancing business processes. BY JAMES E. SCHULIEN

 58 | A Clear Picture Better explaining internal audit’s role to stakeholders is vital to its success. BY GREGORY GROCHOLSKI


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