IA Magazine – Aug 2021

Internal Auditor’s August 2021 Issue


 24 | COVER Reining in Cyber Risk – An understanding of technology, third parties, and the human factor of security is vital to protecting the organization. BY NEIL HODGE

 31 | Cyber Risk and the Board – With cybersecurity now a board-level issue, internal audit must keep board members informed about the risks. BY SANDY PUNDMANN

 34 | Staffing for Success – Internal audit’s  key role in addressing digital threats has spurred the need for cybersecurity expertise on the audit team. BY GEOFFREY NORDHOFF

 40 | The Future-ready Internal Auditor  – The 2021–2022 chairman of The IIA’s Global Board, CHARLIE WRIGHT, says internal auditors need to keep up with the current pace of technological transformation and look out for what’s on the horizon.

 47 | The Many Facets of Procurement – Fraud By knowing the signs, internal auditors can help identify vulnerabilities within the contract bidding process. BY SUBHASIS SEN

52 IA New Runway – Having the courage to make a job change can bring growth and insight for internal auditors. BY AGNESSA VARTANOVA

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