The IIA’s 2021 International Conference will be held virtually 14–18 June.

Percepat kesuksesan Anda dengan lebih sedikit biaya dengan mendaftar sebelum 31 Mei 2021.

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. Raise awareness of the value internal audit brings to organizations by using elements from the Building Awareness toolkit. You can help shout it out and raise awareness of the rise of the trusted advisor. Take advantage of the Internal Audit Awareness Toolkit, equipped with everything you need to advocate for the profession. From hosting virtual lunch-and-learns to sharing thought leadership, there are as many ways […]

To keep pace with the dynamic global risk arena, The IIA will be relaunching its Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) exam in 2021 to reflect the in-depth organizational knowledge and advanced skill sets required to succeed in risk management assurance. The revised CRMA is positioned as a career pathway for internal auditors after they have achieved the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation. To accomplish this, key changes have been […]

Internal Auditor’s April 2021 Issue  F E A T U R ES  28 | COVER  The Disruption Imperative – Internal auditors can work with stakeholders to nurture opportunities for disruption and manage the risks of falling behind. BY NEIL HODGE  36 | Data Governance in Demand – Internal auditors have compelling reasons to help improve the enterprise data governance strategy. BY ANDREW STRUTHERS-KENNEDY AND GREGG WISHNA  42 | Internal Audit Optimized – Embracing technology can expand the department’s capabilities, especially when working with limited resources. BY CHRISTINE […]

Materi Presentasi: 1. Pemaparan Angela Simatupang – IIA Indonesia Strategic Plan 2. Pemaparan Agus Joko Pramono – A Journey to Empower IIA Indonesia 3. Sharing Session Irtama SekJen DPR-RI – Integritas Harus Menjadi Pilihan 4. Sharing Session IT, Digital & Analytics Audit Head Bank BTPN – Audit Challenges in Digital Environment 5. Laporan Pertanggungjawaban Pengurusan IIA Indonesia Tahun 2020 – Agile and Resilient