Internal Auditor’s April Issue  f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER Under Siege – Public sector auditors can face intimidation, isolation, retaliation, suspension — even termination — just for doing their job. By Russell A. Jackson.  30 | How to Audit Culture – Culture audits can help practitioners gain insight into the causes of poor organizational behavior. By James Roth  39 | A Smarter Approach to Third-party Risk - Adopting a focused, collaborative strategy […]

Semakin pentingnya peran audit internal sebagai lini pertahanan ketiga dalam risk management and control yang efektif telah meningkatkan sosoknya di dalam dan di luar organisasi. Sebagai akibatnya, para Chief Audit Executives (CAE) dan departemen-departemen audit internal sedang mengupayakan beberapa cara untuk memanfaatkan kemampuan unik mereka dalam meningkatkan nilai mereka bagi keseluruhan misi perusahaan. Hal ini menimbulkan pertanyaan – yang ditanyakan oleh semua pihak pendukung penting di perusahaan seperti finance, human […]

Internal Auditor’s April Issue  f e a t u r e s  26 | COVER Resilience Through Crisis – The ability to weather difficult times is crucial to the success — and even survival — of organizations. By J. Michael Jacka  33 | Hit the Ground Running – With internal audit filling many of its open positions from intern pools, a well-designed internship program is a must. By Dennis Applegate, Sarah Bee, and Dominique Vincenti  38 | Champions of Trust – Climbing the Scale Many […]

Internal Auditor’s February Issue  f e a t u r e s  22 | COVER Auditing What Matters – Internal auditors can add value by selecting audits that contribute to achievement of strategic objectives. By Jane Seago  31 | Core Principles and the QAIP – Demonstrating the effectiveness of the IPPF’s Principles shows internal audit’s alignment with stakeholder expectations. By Basil Woller  38 | Champions of Trust – By modeling high standards of ethical behavior, internal auditors can help shore […]

Global Trends and Emerging Issues Report: Download Your Complimentary Copy Today! Kepada Seluruh Anggota IIA Indonesia, Di seluruh dunia, para pimpinan audit internal sedang membuat langkah-langkah perbaikan — menunjukkan kecerdasan dalam hal bisnis, keahlian teknis, dan keterampilan dalam menjalin relasi untuk menjadi sumber daya yang berharga dalam memajukan tata kelola, manajemen risiko, dan tujuan strategis dari organisasi. Peningkatan jumlah pegawai dan anggaran audit internal  di banyak negara mencerminkan sebuah bentuk […]

Meskipun tidak praktis bagi seseorang untuk mengetahui segala sesuatu tentang berbagai topik yang kompleks dan memiliki perkembangan yang cepat seperti halnya cybersecurity (keamanan dunia cyber), namun penting bagi seorang CAE atau kepala audit internal untuk memahami cybersecurity. Bahkan, mengingat sifat dinamis dan paparan risiko cyber pada saat ini, seorang CAE yang memiliki pengetahuan yang baik tentang cybersecurity dapat memosisikan audit internal sebagai penasihat terpercaya organisasi dalam area yang menantang ini. […]

 f e a t u r e s  24 | COVER On the Rise 2016 - This year’s crop of Emerging Leaders is ripe with talent and ready for the challenges of today’s organizational demands. By Russell A. Jackson 37 | Growth Through Challenge - Current and past Emerging Leaders discuss the tough assignments that helped propel their careers forward. BY TIM MCCOLLUM By Tim McCollum  42 | Privacy in the Workplace - It’s All in the Delivery […]

 f e a t u r e s  28 | Taking the Lead on Nonfinancial Reporting – Internal audit is well-positioned to examine how its organization reports on nonfinancial issues. By Arthur Piper 35 | Audit Processes Take Flight – The updated COSO Internal Control–Integrated Framework is at the heart of Boeing’s internal audit work. By Tim Boyle and Dennis Applegate  42 | Privacy in the Workplace - Organizations must find ways to accommodate employees’ personal technology use while also meeting regulatory and other requirements. By Parthiv […]

 f e a t u r e s  28 | A World of Connections – The Internet of Things requires internal auditors to confront risks that are not so neatly contained. By Jane Seago  34 | Cyber Resilience – Internal audit departments should work collaboratively and proactively to address breaches and build resistance to future attacks. By Arthur Piper  40 | Business at Risk - Several keynote speakers from this year’s IIA International Conference identify emerging risks facing […]

 f e a t u r e s  28 | COVER Toxic Leaders, Toxic Culture – Internal auditors can identify unhealthy behaviors that may undermine the organization. By Jane Seago  35 | Analytics and the Small Audit Department – No matter the size of an audit function, analytics can be implemented for big gains. By Jared Soileau and Laura Soileau  40 | Business at Risk - Several keynote speakers from this year’s IIA International Conference identify emerging risks facing organizations. By Russell A. Jackson […]